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Mobility Mixx offers employers and employees the mobility solution that suits them best. Personal, flexible and without hassle. Over 120,000 people have used our services with great pleasure. Read their experiences here!

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Enexis has an ambitious target concerning CO2 reduction. The management focuses on reducing energy consumption and encourages sustainable transport choices. Mobility Mixx makes this possible by stimulating the use of public transport instead of the (private) car and also makes electric shared cars available for occasional business trips. Employees thus have a sustainable alternative and can reduce their personal CO2 footprint. With its operations, Enexis contributes to a more sustainable country.

The Province of Noord-Holland
The Province of Noord-Holland desires to be mobile at all times, but with limited care and actions. That is why Mobility Mixx provides the province with care free carsharing services. The eleven shared cars that are reserved by employees online or by telephone via Mobility Mixx have a high occupancy rate.

De Bijenkorf
The employees of De Bijenkorf are able to travel with an optimal mobility mixx. Where employees used their own car to travel to the locations (with high parking costs), they now travel by public transport, a shared car or private transport, depending on the location. De Bijenkorf uses all mobility services of Mobility Mixx: the Mixx Card, our carsharing services and mobility budgets. This offers employees optimum flexibility. The monthly Mobility Mixx reports provide insight into usage and costs.

Delta Lloyd
The Delta Lloyd Group has been using mobility services from Mobility Mixx since 2004. Delta Lloyd encourages employees to come to the office by public transport. In Amsterdam, that is more convenient than using the car. In addition, there are only a limited number of parking spaces available at the head office. Delta Lloyd was one of the leaders in the deployment of business car sharing. Shared cars are the solution for people who come to the office with public transport, but occasionally need a car for business trips. The shared cars are mainly used for trips to locations that are more difficult to reach by public transport.

National government
Mobility Mixx has won the European tender for mobility solutions for the national government. In the tender, 'convenience' for the traveler, control and reduction of the costs of mobility, flexibility, sustainable business operations and meeting the employment conditions of the employees were the core points. Mobility Mixx was awarded the contract because it scored the best in terms of services for both the employer and the employee. From January 2014, the departments of the central government were implemented and since mid-2014, Mobility Mixx has been providing all mobility cards and associated services for employees of the central government. This has ensured that the number of Mixx Cards has easily passed 100.000.


Aon provides solutions in the field of risk management, employee benefits & insurance. The employees of Aon have a Mixx Card for their business trips. Aon considers flexibility and convenience to be very important for its employees and finds this at Mobility Mixx. With the Mixx Card, employees are able to easily travel for business, including the use of public transport, P+R parking as well as a public transport bicycle (OV-fiets).

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