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A mobility solution that perfectly matches your needs? With over 15 years of experience, Mobility Mixx is the perfect answer in the rapidly changing mobility branch. Choose the security of a competent, committed and reliable mobility partner!

The starting point for your business mobility

Mobility Mixx arranges everything!

No hassle

Mobility Mixx is the answer if you are looking for a smart and personal mobility solution for your employees. Trade in the hassle of receipts and declarations for excellent monitoring via well-organized reports! This will put a smile on everybody's face. We provide thought out mobility plans that will match your personal situation and your specific wishes.

Customized mobility

Optimally travel from A to B. Or from C to D. At any time, choose the means of transport that best suits the trip - this is the philosophy behind Mobility Mixx. That is why we enable employers and employees to put together their ideal mobility mix. A mobility package that fully matches their personal situation. Mobility Mixx takes you where you need to be!

Concrete benefits

Satisfied employees
Employees adjust their business trips to personal wishes and the company's interests.

Cost reduction
Employees travel 'more economically'. The claim flow and the parking need decrease.

Optimally manageable
You keep control and overview of travel movements and costs. With only one card, one invoice and one report.

Social gain
You encourage employees to choose the most sustainable travel options.

Modular card
You can set which travel options you want to make available to each employee.

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