Our mobility vision

Organizations often have specific challenges, needs and uncertainties. In three phases we guide you to the mobility solution that suits you best.

Reaching the ideal mobility solutions for you in only 3 phases

Every employer has different wishes. Every employer is unique. The best mobility is therefore: personal mobility. We will help you determine the ideal mobility solution for you in three phases.

1. Policy phase

What are your organisational objectives and your mobility needs? We clearly map out both in the policy phase. We make an inventory of the travel movements of your employees and see where you as an organisation encounter issues in the field of mobility. Based on these insights we map out a mobility solution that fits you perfectly.

2. Implementation phase

Mobility Mixx then helps you to roll out the mobility policy within your organisation. It is important to present this in the right way to your employees. What was the reason? How does the new mobility solution work? What are the benefits? We provide explanations and training to employees, so that the new mobility policy can be implemented quickly and smooth.

3. Management/user phase

After having implemented Mobility Mixx in your organisation, you can still count on our support. Based on your reports and findings, we periodically evaluate and advise proactively where improvement may be possible. After all, mobility is a continuous process! And your wishes - and those of your employees - can also change. Mobility Mixx remains involved as your mobility partner.

The goal: making mobility easy

Mobility Mixx has extensive experience in offering mobility solutions. We are now so good at it that we can fully unburden you in all your wishes and needs in the field of business trips. We have a solutions that fits every organisation. Making mobility easy - that is Mobility Mixx!

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