Brochures and manuals

Brochures and manuals

Below you will find our manuals that provide information on Mobility Mixx and how to travel with the Mixx Card.

Manual traveling with the Mixx Card.

Instruction videos

With Mobility Mixx you can easily use all forms of transport for your business trips. You can travel throughout the public transport in the Netherlands, travel by taxi, hire a car and use the Q-park P+R areas or an public transport bicycle (OV-fiets). Your personal transport options depend on the agreements with your employer. 

Below you will find a number of instructional videos. These videos show you step by step how traveling with Mobility Mixx works. Click on the links below for the videos.

Mobility Mixx: how it works

Mobility Mixx: traveling with public transport
Mobility Mixx: class switch
Mobility Mixx: P+R Parking
Mobility Mixx: OV bicycle

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