Did you forget to check out?

Your Mixx Card is a business OV chip card. Traveling with the Mixx card is easy. However, small things can go wrong from time to time, such as a missing check out. The result can be that too much is paid for the trip. This is what you can do:

Credit refund from NS

In case you missed a check out for a journey with the NS, they will charge the boarding fee of €20, -. Through a refund application you can request a credit refund from the NS. For this refund application we refer you to www.uitcheckgemist.nl. You can apply for a refund a maximum of three journeys per operator between January and June and between July and December. The application must take place within 6 months after you have made the trip. The refund is 'deposited' as a balance on your Mixx Card.

Credit refund from a public transport operator other than the NS

All operators are connected to www.uitcheckgemist.nl. We therefore refer to this website for refund requests.

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