Privacy policy

The employer provides employees with a mobility card for business use via Mobility Mixx. For this, the employer has entered into a contract with Mobility Mixx. It is important for employer and employee (cardholder) to know how the processing of the personal details of cardholders to be provided to Mobility Mixx is regulated. Mobility Mixx guarantees that personal data will be processed and protected with the utmost care. The most important thing is that the data are processed in accordance with what has been laid down in the privacy laws and regulations, including the General Data Protection Regulation.

Data recording

For the execution of the services and thus the implementation of the contract between Mobility Mixx and the employer, Mobility Mixx records the following personal data of the employees: name, gender, contact details, Mobility Mixx customer number and, if the card is implemented as OV chip card, the OV chip card numbers (the internal number of the card (chip ID) and the printed number on the card (engraved ID)), date of birth and, if applicable, passport photo. In addition, the trips (transactions) made with the Mobility Card are recorded. Mobility Mixx receives this information from the service providers that traveled with and/or from Trans Link Systems (TLS).

The OV chip card numbers are used in public transport and as means of identification for other services offered via Mobility Mixx, such as renting a public transport bicycle (OV-fiets), a shared car or P+R parking.


Processing goals

Production and issuance of the Mixx Card:
The Mixx Card is issued in the name of the employee. It is therefore a personal (OV chip) card for business use, which can only be used by this employee and only as long as he or she is employed by the employer.

Processing of travel and transaction data, invoicing and reporting:
Mobility Mixx links the travel and transaction data and associated costs to the cardholder data (at card number level). This is necessary in order to be able to allocate the costs to the right employee. This data is used for the invoice, invoice specifications and reporting to the employer. Cardholders can view the travel and transaction data themselves after they have logged in to

Service provision:
By recording the contact, transaction and travel data in the Mobility Mixx system it is possible at all times to be able to provide service to cardholders, such as answering questions about travel and costs, booking and facilitating transport options, the processing of loss and theft notifications and as a consequence, the potential request of a replacement card as well as complaint handling.

Mobility Mixx is a Participant in the OV chip card Plan

Mobility Mixx is a Participant in the OV chip card Plan as the Business Card Provider, For the execution of the contract that Mobility Mixx has concluded for the role of Business Card Provider with TLS, TLS asks the Business Card Provider to arrange for the card holder's explicit consent with regard to the use, processing and inspection of the personal data and the travel transactions on the OV chip card. It is the responsibility of the employer to inform cardholders about this and to record the provided consent by means of a privacy statement coordinated with Mobility Mixx.

Use of data by third parties

Mobility Mixx may use the services of third parties for the execution of the services and the processing of personal data. These parties may only process personal data if they comply with the instructions of Mobility Mixx as stated in the agreement. Mobility Mixx checks whether these third parties meet security obligations and the requirements laid down in the privacy laws and regulations. Mobility Mixx will never provide personal details of its cardholders to third parties for commercial purposes.

What rights do cardholders have?

A cardholder may ask Mobility Mixx which personal data belonging to them is being processed. The cardholder can submit a written request to Mobility Mixx for this. If the cardholder is of the opinion that the personal data may not be processed by Mobility Mixx, Mobility Mixx can be requested in writing to delete the personal data. Mobility Mixx will reply within four weeks whether it can comply with the request. If so, the service to the cardholder will be terminated. Questions about the processing of personal data can be asked via e-mail to

Security and storage periods

For the protection of personal data, Mobility Mixx has taken physical, technical and organizational measures,  while taking the state of the art, the costs and the nature of the personal data that is to be protected into account. Travel data can be viewed by cardholders at after logging in with a personal username and password. In the administration of Mobility Mixx, data is stored as long as required by law.

Websites, mobile applications and email messages

General information about Mobility Mixx is shown on the Mobility Mixx websites. A separate privacy statement applies to these websites (click here). In addition, Mobility Mixx has a secure section for cardholders, who can log in with a personal username and password.

Mobility Mixx also sends email messages informing cardholders about relevant developments in Mobility Mixx's services. Cardholders can opt out at any time for receiving these email messages via the unsubscribe option at the bottom of each newsletter.


This version of the privacy policy was drawn up in May 2018. Mobility Mixx reserves the right to make changes to the privacy policy. However, this policy will never be in conflict with the requirements as laid down in laws and regulations. On the most recent version of the privacy policy is always shown.

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