Mixx Budget – a smart move!

A Mixx Budget offers your employees the freedom and flexibility to travel in their preferred manner. It also offers you control over the costs. A convenient solution!

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Free and flexible travel

By offering your employees a personal Mixx Budget, you provide them with freedom and flexibility in their business trips. Employees will be able to choose their preferred means of business travel - the essence of personal mobility!

Simplify and control travel expenses

By using the Mixx Budget, you provide employees with a fixed annual allowance for all business trips. Travel expenses can thus be perfectly budgeted and managed. Moreover, you are relieved of the administrative burden - Mobility Mixx takes this off your hands!

Fiscally attractive

The Mixx Budget is fiscally attractive. Unlike the lease car, there is no fiscal addition. This can yield thousands of euros per year. Employees can also save money by using advantageous travel options. That is profit for everyone!

How much will you be able to save?

Mobility Mixx has extensive experience in facilitating personal Mixx Budgets. Discover what your options are!

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